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Broker Associate
Licensed in MA and NH

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Newburyport, MA


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Thank you so much for all of your help & expertise in and about the closing of 9 Evergreen. Being with you is like "Iron Sharpening Iron". I came away learning new ideas and reconsidering some of my ways. You were wonderful and terrific...and so were the Buyers. Please treat yourself....take time to smell the roses. Until next time.

Lynn P.
Beverly, MA

Dear Mark,

Your 26 years of professional real estate expertise is an unbelievable value, when buying or selling a house. I have bought and sold seven properties and you continue to be the best realtor, I have ever worked with. Your knowledge and attention to detail, combined with Priscilla?s handling of schedules and administrative follow up is superior to any other realtor experience I have encountered. In today?s turbulent real estate market, you have what buyers and sellers need, real time experience in good and bad real estate markets.

Before I sold my house, you gave me a punch list of what needed to be done, to get the house ready. During the sales process, you worked very hard to show the house to only qualified buyers. After the sale, you went to a town meeting to get paper work signed, to ensure a clear title with the Conservation Commission. From the beginning of the sales cycle to the very end, you made selling our home as easy as possible.

I appreciate your candidness, superior work ethic and great salesmanship!

Thanks for everything,

Katy and Brian S.
Lynnfield, MA

Mark Dickinson?.a testimonial from a very satisfied client?.

At first, we thought we could sell our house ourselves and save a bundle on commissions. After all, we?re experienced buyers and sellers of real estate, and we?re hard-working business people who deal daily with media advertising, sales situations and legal contracts. The realtors we?d worked with in the past had added value ? but done nothing that we didn?t feel qualified to do ourselves. Fortunately, we didn?t follow our initial inclination.

With the thought that we?d simply pick their brains for pricing and marketing advice, we interviewed three of the region?s top producers ? realtors who came highly recommended by friends and neighbors as being real pros. All three told us what we didn?t want to hear ? that the market was sliding downhill fast, both in sales price and the time it took to sell. Mark?s message was the gloomiest and most discouraging of all, and our initial reaction was, ?Not sure about this guy. He?s not optimistic, he doesn?t particularly like our house and he?s giving us the lowest assessment of its value. Clearly he doesn?t recognize or appreciate its beauty and special features.?

The fact was, however, that Mark?s analysis was more thorough, more in-depth and more realistic than any of the other presentations. In the end, we put emotion aside and chose the realtor whom we thought was the most motivated (all those college tuitions he needs to pay), the most businesslike in his approach and the most hard-nosed in his assessment of the market.

What we didn?t know, but found out later on, is that Mark and his able assistant, Priscilla, are compulsive perfectionists. Everything they did, from the marketing book to the frequency of their communication, was professional, comprehensive and impressive. Their response to a tough market is to overachieve ? and it showed. Mark?s middle name should be ?Follow-up.? He was constantly in touch, reporting promptly on every showing, every action item and every phone or e-mail message.

Once we had a prospective buyer, Mark?s service kicked up still another notch. He never let the ball drop, and he worked extremely hard to keep the momentum going through a negotiation that might have backfired without his careful handling. Mark helped us navigate legal, compliance and logistical issues, all in a way that aligned with our ethical values. During the frantic weeks before closing, in the height of the holiday season, he and Priscilla saved us time, money and stress by getting us quotes and contractors to help us complete our home inspection and moving punch lists.

Preparing our house to sell, putting it on the market and moving 20 years of accumulated stuff was an awful ordeal. But that?s all behind us and we?re thoroughly enjoying our new life in our new home. We honestly believe that, with a different realtor, we?d still be looking at a ?For Sale? sign, worrying about how much to drop the price. Mark Dickinson?s experience, knowledge, contacts, hard work and ?do whatever it takes? attitude definitely paid off.

Rebecca and Bill G.
Merrimac, MA

To Whom It May Concern:

I don?t like real estate agents.

I formed this opinion after meeting and working with many of them as my husband and I were selling our home and buying a new one. I realized that in order to find someone that I could work with and feel good about, I had to get a recommendation from someone who had nothing to gain, but also who had worked with this agent and had a positive experience.

So it may seem odd that I am writing in praise of a real estate agent but I found one who doesn?t fit the mold. You don?t know me?just as I didn?t know the kind person who took the time to tell me about Mark Dickinson, but I am going to pass on the favor to you.

After having the worst experience when selling our property, I read everything I could get my hands on about the process. After 6 months of working with Mark as we looked for a new home, I was able to see that the professional way in which Mark conducted himself and his business was outlined in a chapter of one of the books I read about the qualities of a good real estate agent.

Working with Mark is like working with a friend who has my best interests at heart. I?d be hard pressed to ever use the word ?honest? when speaking about a real estate agent, but I can tell you that my dealings with Mark proved him to be upfront and honest. Mark is a person who wants you to be happy. He won?t railroad you into a decision. Twice my husband and I were strongly encouraged to make really bad decisions by past realtors. All it takes is a sleepless night of worrying and thinking, ?What the heck did we just do?? to make you want to be sure that you find the right fit in your next agent. And?even if you are head over heals over a property or a deal, Mark will give you a reality check. It?s difficult to stay centered when a lot of money is at stake and emotions are involved. Mark helps keep the emotion in check by pointing out facts that you may need to consider.

Mark will point out the old septic system that was lucky enough to pass title V and other systems or appliances that may have reached or exceeded their designed working life and may need to be replaced soon. He lets you know what you may be up against so you can plan or walk away. Don?t get me wrong, Mark wants to sell you a property, but I truly believe that Mark would rather not sell you anything than to sell you something that you won?t be satisfied with in the long run.

We worked with agents who were more interested in a one-time sale. One agent had us sign a form saying we were bound with her for a year. Mark probably has had the same clients he?s had from the beginning of his career and even though he didn?t have us sign anything, I would only go to him.

Timely communication is everything when you are trying to buy. You can reach Mark in a variety of ways. Not only does Mark return phone calls, he will spend time to explain and supply you with information you may need to make more informed choices. His web site is up to date and very helpful.

I can obviously highly recommend working with Mark to buy or sell your home.


Jean & Darwin S.
Rockport, MA

To the prospective clients of Mark Dickinson,

I wanted to take a moment to detail the exceptionally positive experience I had with Mark Dickinson on the purchase of my family?s first home. We began working with Mark this spring and closed on our home this summer.

As first time homebuyers on an entry-level budget, my wife and I were concerned that we would have difficulty finding a competent broker who would be responsive to our needs. As you are probably aware, the market for starter homes remains very competitive. Good homes stay on the market sometimes for only days and many are still sold at above asking price due to the shortage of inventory.

As a banker, I had a handle on the mortgage process. My weakness was that I knew absolutely nothing about home construction. This is weird for me; Mark added an immense amount of value. Mark?s experience as a homebuilder was invaluable. When we would look at properties he would draw our attention to the quality of the construction as well as things like heating system, windows, roofs and ventilation. Appointments with Mark were always informative, even if on a particular trip we did not find anything that interested us. That was because Mark was very good at showing us the shortcomings of some properties which gave us the ability to compare a well built home to a sub par one.

The most important aspect Mark brought was his responsiveness. When we would find a property he promptly made us an appointment. The timeline on our purchase went like this, saw the property on the internet on Wednesday, called Mark on Thursday, saw the property and made an offer on Friday, the seller accepted on Saturday and canceled his open house for Sunday. I remain convinced that Mark?s bid strategy won the deal for us before the open house would have added additional offers.

We had an agreement to purchase but one hurdle remained. The seller?s broker had a family medical emergency and began to drop the ball on her end. Mark knew how much we wanted the home and stepped in to do much of the seller?s broker?s work and we closed on the day specified in the Purchase and Sale Agreement, no extensions required.

When we completed our purchase I asked Mark if there was anyone I could write to in order to advance his career or recommend him for an industry award. I think it says a lot about Mark?s character that he asked only for a reference letter he could show prospective clients. At his core, Mark understands that real estate is a people business and if you remain focused on the client?s needs, the rest takes care of itself.

In closing, I think the highest complement I could pay Mark is that I think every homebuyer deserves a broker like Mark. It is hard to express all that Mark did for us in a short letter.


Charles & Sandra S.
Ipswich, MA

Dear Mark:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you did to facilitate the sale of my property in West Newbury. Being in Florida there was no way that I could have dealt with the roadblocks that occurred.

Unknown to you, you were the only realtor I met with (not good practice, I know), but during that meeting you gave me such a feeling of optimism and you never let me down. As my realtor, you had a positive, confident and professional manner plus ?we will make this happen? attitude that made this process proceed so smoothly. You had knowledge of the town, the market and the players in town government. You had a definite, sensible strategy for showing the house and this included sensitivity in trying to minimize inconveniencing my tenant. You were an excellent negotiator between the buyer and me. When differences arose, you made sure that they were worked out to all our mutual benefit. You always went that extra step and I never doubted any advice or recommendations, or your commitment to me, the seller.

Besides being an excellent realtor, you also took on the job of tending to problems I could not physically do living where I do. You arranged for the testing, surveys and permits needed for the septic system, and also lawn mowing, snow plowing, oil burner repair and an unexpectedly difficult 3-day final clean out dealing with a potentially problematic tenant. You knew who to call for estimates and spend hours at the house overseeing things. You always went that extra step and far out performed your fee.

Your communication with me was on a daily basis to keep me apprised of where we were and you always ended the conversation by asking if I had any questions. You always followed through, and guided me though the process that I could not have done alone.

Again, thank you Mark for everything. I consider that I have made a long time friend as well as realtor.

I would be more than happy to talk with any of your prospective clients, as they would be doing themselves a disservice by not using your talents to accomplish their realty needs.

David T.
Nokomis, FL

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all of your help this year. As you know by now, we did proceed with our addition and are finally moving in this week!

We appreciate all of your time and feedback as we contemplated our options in West Newbury this year.

We certainly will recommend you to anyone we know that may be moving / selling. We hope that you enjoy the holidays with your family!

Take care,

Paula & Greg H.
West Newbury, MA


This is Jim, Dracut local. Jen and I have had this thank you present for months, but never got a chance to get up there and give it to you in person. We decided to drop the face-to-face plan and just mail it so you can actually use it instead of having it sit on our table. You have no idea what a comfort it was to have somebody as honest and knowledgeable as you guiding us through that process. There?s no way we could have ended up as happy as we are now without you. Thanks for all your kindness from the bottom of our hearts. We figure this was the best way to show you our appreciation.

I hope all is well with you and your family. You might be hearing from us again sooner than later. We?re going to be refinancing and we might even sell the house in another year or so.

Stop by if you?re ever in the area. Take care!

Jim & Jen R.
Haverhill, MA


I just wanted to write and thank you for showing Ken and me the property on Mill Street. Mark, you and I have worked together on several transactions as a Realtor and Loan Officer and I?ve always been impressed with your work ethic. Today, I had the opportunity to work with you as a potential buyer and once again your professionalism and experience reaffirmed why I refer business to you.

I?ve worked with realtors in the past that did nothing more than open a door or two, encourage me to sign here and there, and then collected their check at the closing. They were more interested in ?closing the sale? rather than ensuring that I made an informed decision and took appropriate action. You did nothing of the sort. You provided us with sound, knowledgeable advice that will like save us thousands of dollars making us better and more viable buyers in the future.

Additionally, whether you know it or not, you helped answer questions that we didn?t necessarily even know to ask. Mark, this kind of service, experience and information is invaluable to an investor and I couldn?t be more appreciative.

Thank you.

Darren H.
Kingston, NH

Dear Mark,

This is an over due thank you for your advice a few months ago. If you recall, I asked my friend Tom to recommend a Realtor who would give me a straight answer on the value and marketability of my house in Amesbury.

Well, you were right?as much as your answer was not what I wanted to hear, I needed to hear it. At that point, I had to shift gears and move in a whole new direction. I moved into the place.

So, once again, thanks for your input. It was actually the right answer at the right time. In the end, I really like living here. I have great neighbors, more square footage and I am in a City that is gaining value from being so close to Newburyport.

Thanks again?all the best.

Ken F.
Amesbury, MA

Dear Mark:

Fran and I would like to thank you for the extensive amount of time you spent with us.

I was truly impressed with your expertise in residential brokerage which, unfortunately, most residential real estate brokers do not possess.

With warmest personal regards.

Very truly yours,

Loring & Fran F.
Ipswich, MA

Hi Mark,

Enclosed is a check to cover fire alarm inspection. Thank you very much for taking care of that. I believe with the exception of plowing, all other bills are paid and up to date.

Thank you for all you have and continue to do. It is nice to know there are still people out there who care and take pride in their work and their clients. Lee and I would be honored to write up a letter of recommendation if you?d like.

Take care and God Bless,

Teresa & Lee W.
Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Mark,

Bob and I really appreciate all you have done for us. We always felt you had our best interest at heart which really means a lot to us.

I also want to tell you how sorry I am at the recent death of your Dad. I know this life changing event has convinced you to spend more time in the things that are truly important like your family. I pray you have been working to that ends. I also know when we try to determine what is important we question life and our purpose here. I can only share with you that I have found those answers in Gods words and have trusted in the Lord. Mark if you search Gods word he will answer all your quests.

May God continue to prosper you and shine his light in your heart.


Roberta & Bob K.
Bradford, MA

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. I couldn?t imagine going through all of that without you. You are a truly special person and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your hard work and friendship along the way. I?ll keep in touch.

Julie R.
Atkinson, NH

Dear Mark,

Andy and I just wanted to thank you for all your help throughout the house buying process. It all happened so much faster than we ever expected, and we never could have done it without your insight and experience. We really appreciate how you got to know us on a personal level, so you could help us find the right ?fit? for everything from the location to the home to the loan. We both look forward to working with you in the future, and please know you will be our #1 recommendation to all our friends who are considering buying a home in the area.

Kim & Andy B.
Newbury, MA

Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for all you did for me during the sale of my house in Boxford. I know this sale would not have happened if not for all your work. Words can't express how I feel about everything you did for me during the last several months. You are a great real estate agent but more than that you are a great person. I feel privileged to have had you as my real estate agent and I hope that the rest of the year proves to be less stressful for you. I consider you a friend and I hope, if there is anything I can do for you when you are in this area, you will let me know.

Thank you again for all the help.

Lillian R.
Lakeville, MA

Hi Mark!

We would like to thank you again for everything you have done for us. We remember the first day we met you when you saved us with your advice. We knew that you were always looking out for our best interest. Whenever we looked at a house, we always felt safe because you were on our side. We tell people about you wherever we go. You are a great broker and an even greater person. We look forward to doing business with you the future.

Dawn, Jeff & ?Archie? our dog
Newburyport, MA


Scott and I just want you to know that we really do appreciate all the time and effort you have put into our situations with our house and the land.

This is just a little gift for you and your wife to enjoy an evening out with your phone shut off.


Pamela & Scott S.
West Newbury, MA


Thank you for your guidance and assistance in my real estate dealings. With much thanks to you, we?re on our way??. We look forward to have you, Chris and the kids for a cookout and a swim.

Jim & Trisha C.
Groveland, MA

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for helping me out with the home buying process when Elizabeth was out of town. Without your help, I?m pretty sure I wouldn?t have made it through the week. Thanks to you, I?m closing September 26 and hope to move on the 27th. I?d love to take you and Elizabeth out to lunch once this process is over but from what I can tell, with your busy schedule, you probably don?t eat or sleep. I?ll leave the offer open just in case you two can coordinate your schedules. It?s great to work with such a nice group of people who really go the extra mile. I feel very lucky to have found the right people to make this process an easy one.

Thanks again,

Laurie A.
Newburyport, MA


We both wish to thank you for your help and professionalism during our recent purchase of our home. We appreciated your input on West Newbury and the neighborhood. We are slowly getting settled in. We are enjoying the quietness and ability to walk and ride bikes. We look forward to many years spent in the neighborhood. Thank you for everything.


Stephanie & Don M.
West Newbury, MA


Thank you so much for the CDs. What a terrific moment for us! We?ll really enjoy looking at it from time to time as the house takes shape and evolves into our home. We do love the house and feel so fortunate to have landed here. You were a great help and a wonderful asset for Tom. We know how busy you are by the plethora of signs in West Newbury. Much luck in your business and as a new neighbor. Thanks again.

Peggy & Al L.
West Newbury, MA


Thanks for all of your help during the ?home process?. You?re great!

Roz & Barry A.
Haverhill, MA

Dear Mark,

We appreciate everything you have done for us to make Newbury our future home!

With many thanks.

Margaret & Craig G.
Newbury, MA


Thank you so much for joining us at the Breakfast of Champions. You add so much to every meeting. Your years in the business, knowledge and passion about finances are invaluable.

I want you to know how much I value you. Your sharing, support and loyalty never go unnoticed. There is no one whom I respect more than you.


Sharon C.
West Newbury, MA

Dear Mark,

YOU WERE FANTASTIC! You brought a refreshing and terrifically important subject to the forefront of the agent?s minds. I can?t tell you the buzz you have created in my office. We at THINKMAX really want to thank you for taking the time to share your expertise.

We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Warmest regards,

Linda O.
Reading, MA

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your full support over the last two months. You are someone I definitely am glad to have gotten to know better and I hope we grow together and get to know each other better also.

Have a wonderful Birthday and I?ll think of something special we can do to repay you for your time.


Karen T.
West Newbury, MA

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your help in this house hunting process. I appreciate your answering all of our rudimentary questions. I certainly didn?t realize how difficult it would be handling everything all on my own so far away from home.

Hopefully all is well there and you all have wonderful and relaxing plans for the summer. The heat wave has finally hit here!

Much love to all and my many thanks again!

Haverhill, MA

Dear Mark,

Tom and I want to thank you very much for all you did for selling the condo. Who would have dreamed it would take so long and with so many obstacles. We very much appreciate all the effort and time you put into this.

Many thanks??..good job! Enjoy your summer and again, we thank you.


Joanne & Tom G.
Naples, FL